Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glistening Glassware

From the beautiful "Iris" collection (the top 2 vases) inspired by Monets Garden, to the elegantly shaped perfume bottles, the glassworks by Maleny artist Marc Kalifa is just superb.  Handblown in his country studio, I was absolutely enthralled to be shown how the glassware develops from the basic silica to the finished result - this is long and very difficult artform, and yet there is a certain delicacy in the placement of patterns onto the glass.  The Zebra series has been very popular, probably due to the colourings of black and white - which is always a favourite.  Glass orbs have been designed around the colours of the outback - blue sky/green trees and the orange earth.  The oil burners are all so different in shape and colour, they burn so much cleaner than candles - no more dripping of wax!  This is just a small snippet of what we have available and we always carry Marc's special glassworks.

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