Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manly Gallery loves....

An Autumn Remembered (ii)

An Autumn Remembered (iii)

the new giclees

A superb collection by Bruce Buchanan has just been delivered, which includes two originals "An Autumn Remembered" (ii) and (iii) we have also received the new giclees which consist of a set of three titled "Red Sand Hills Nilpena Station" (i) (ii) & (iii).  We have a full set of giclees already framed, or if you prefer, we have a set of three unframed ($190 each).  I would like to share the artists statement by Bruce with regard to the originals:-
"Loosely based on Tasmanian landscapes, these explore the idea of “an autumn remembered” with the soft misty light and colours.  I have introduced memory into what could otherwise be more “literal” works of specific places. They’re all about mood really."

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