Friday, July 16, 2010

Tweet Tweet

Lunch by the Sea

Cheeky Lorikeets

King Parrots

I can just hear the screaching of the rainbow lorikeets in the trees, not to mention the seagulls squalking away looking for another chip to be thrown to them.  I love the sound of the seagull call early in the morning - one of the nice things living by the sea.  Margaret's new paintings encapsulate a relaxed style, she is not a "Wildlife" artist as such, but an artist that just loves to paint and in particular - our beautiful birdlife.   We often get bird watchers in the gallery, particularly this time of year as many birds have migrated to our shores for the warmer climate, the curlews in particular.

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theoldboathouse said...

I love those seagulls I can hear them...hope you have a lovely weekend by the bay, cheers katherine