Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Winner Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

I am a huge fan of Brisbane-based artist Michael Zavros, and have followed his work for a very long time, so was thrilled when it was announced that he was the Winner of the 2010 $150,000 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.  Zavros - who was last year's runner up - has been recognised for his painting depicting his daughter playing dead, draped with a black scarf covered in skull designs by the late UK fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  The work is entitled Phoebe Is Dead/McQueen.  Personally, I think this is a very engaging portrait and would love to see it personally.   Michael states that the painting reflects his fear for his children and released this statement:  "Until I became a parent I didn't fear death," he said as he accepted his award in Sydney "Now, as I wait for sleep in the dark of night, I am visited by visions of my children befalling some tragedy and being taken from me."  Zavros' work was chosen from 35 finalists.  Obviously controversy surrounding the subject matter is going to keep people talking about this award for quite a while. 

Images taken from website Doug Moran Art Prize where you can view all the details of the prize and all the entries etc.


Millie said...

An Art Prize is not kosher without a little bit of controversy Janet! Totally awesome work, I love it.
Millie ^_^

Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

thanks Millie - so do I, this artist is amazing having made the finalist a number of times in the famous Archibald, which I'm sure he'll win one day!