Friday, August 27, 2010

Tales of Splendor

"Will you Love me?"
20x20cms acrylic

"Today I'm Happy"
20x20cms acrylic

"Youngest Ever Super Hero"

Paintings in situ in customers homes 

"Who Asked You"
26x20cms acrylic

 A couple of fascinating little paintings by our lovely artist Karen Atkins - the background on Karen's work is full of undertones of such rich colours - layers and layers, which you cannot really see in these  images - however, I find  they give Karen's paintings a certain sophistication. 

"She Has Style - she has Grace"
was $360 - now reduced down to $290



Beach Vintage said...

Love the superhero on the water, very sweet.

theoldboathouse said...

I love these...they have just the right balance of whimsy and innocence. The last is defintely my are tempting me with that price..have a lovely day, it must be just stunning in Manly today....remind me again why I moved inner city,lol, cheers Katherine