Thursday, August 19, 2010

Valentino has Arrived at GOMA

Feathers!  gorgeous
famous Julia Roberts dress

JR at the 2001 Acadamy Awards in vintage Valentino

seems to be a lot of pink tones!

A major exhibition dedicated to the career of celebrated Italian couturier Valentino Garavani has just started at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) on the southbank of Brisbane.  I am absolutely in awe of the beauty of some of the works that I have seen on the website, so cannot wait to see them in situ.  The Exhibition features a stunning array of haute couture designs tracing Valentino’s career from the 1959 opening of his fashion house in Rome through to the presentation of his final collection in January 2008, as well as recent designs from the house of Valentino.  There are famous gowns that are easily recognisable, including the dress Julia Roberts wore when she received her Acadamy Award (the dress was vintage).  There is no doubt I will be visiting this exhibition many times!  The show will finish in November.  Visit the Queensland Art Gallery website for all the details on this fantastic show - or just the visit this website for your pure enjoyment! 

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