Monday, September 27, 2010

Susan Montgomery - New Works


50x40cms acrylic

** Sunny Day **
50x40cms acyrlic

I just love it when we receive paintings from Susan Montgomery at the gallery - the colours are just so vibrant and different -  not predictable at all, and the compositions are endless, and I am just loving the little boxes we now have to compliment the paintings - great little gift ideas and unique to the Manly Gallery.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Finishing Touch

~ Community Hall, Saltwater Creek ~
90x110cms watercolour

in situ at the gallery

A beautiful new painting by Bruce Buchanan, just arrived at the gallery. The artist statement (below) sums this exquisite piece:-

"This community hall is in Tasmania, but the location is not the reason I painted it.  It is about the light, composition and the tonal values which capture the mood of the place.  I liked the perspective created by the closeness of this very simple little hall with the distant view of the river.  I also liked the water tank, exposed plumbing and tall chimney - so the important built elements are all there too." 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Images de Plumes - Feather Art

"Dont Pull Rudi"

"Naughty Pussy"

"Jolly Good Chums"

"Gentle Zephr"

"Her Two Admirers"

"Fred and Ginger"

Let me introduce you to a wonderful artist Audrey from Images de Plumes who starts off with sillouettes on paper, which are then embellished with feathers and other "lost and founds items".  Currently we have the special little painting "Dont Pull Rudi" which has the feathers of a guinea fowl, a macaw parrot and snakeskin on her stockings!  and a little flower "that was found by the wayside" - it is just delightful.  The remainder of the images above (eg Fred and Ginger etc)  have been printed onto greeting cards which we now sell at the gallery.  Take a little look at Audrey's blog Images de Plumes for further information and a good read! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

At the Gallery this Weekend

Its been a hectic week with new work arriving most days, so thought I would post a couple of images of the new work - top image shows Caroline Penny's new work "Toogoolawah Homestead" a beautiful landscape piece.  Next image is the wonderful sculpture by my lovely artist Denise Murray - this piece is called "Madeline" sitting nicely against one of Denise's works "Forest".  An amazing new large watercolour by Bruce Buchanan titled "Community Hall - Saltwater Creek" (Tasmania).  We dont often get these wonerful large pieces, so when we do, its always wonderful to hang a significant piece like this one.   Then we have the wonderful porcelain by Shannon Garson who, by the way, made the finals in the International Ceramic Art Awards down the Gold Coast.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Little Frog

~Green Frog & Fungi~
48x38cms (edit 5/50)

~ Red-Rumped Parrot"
43x56 cms (11/100)

Nice to see our artist Christopher Pope when he dropped by the gallery to deliver two new beautiful works.  What an amazing wildlife artist he is, and these particular works are so delicate highlighting the clarity of the birds (they are acrylic by the way).  Christopher has had a number of his works released on our 55 cent stamp.    Each giclee is priced at $395 each or you can buy them unframed if you wish.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bronze Sculptures

"Asian Elephant"
limited edition bronze

"Baby Echidna"

"Blue Tongue Lizard"

collection of "minis"
Turtle, Platty, Kooka & Echidna

"Pussy Cat"
limited edition bronze

Cobblecast Australia create beautiful bronze pieces from their Brisbane studio and foundary situated on the outskirts of Brisbane.  Many of the bronze pieces have become highly collectable over time and many overseas buyers collect Cobblecast creations.  Currently, we have a beautiful, large limited edition of a whale breaching, so I will try get a good an image to post next time, but in the meantime, here are a couple of little gems we have in our cabinet at the gallery - the "Cat" is limited edtion and the other smaller mini's are just perfect if you are heading off overseas and wish to take something "Australian" for some lucky recipient or better still - to start collecting yourself! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

A French Influence

The Card Game (oil)

St Remy Flower Market (oil)

It seems like ages since I have posted new works by Chris Reilly - so here they are!   we are getting very excited as Christine works towards her amazing show in November.  I have had a "sneak" preview of some of the works and oh my goodness they made me melt!  they are just divine, so I'm really counting the days until the wonderful exhibition will be on show in our gallery at Manly.  HOWEVER, look at these two beautiful new pieces - once again with a French influence.  Both of these paintings are framed so beautifully in a silvery/oyster=coloured frame with a white inner matt - just perfect. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Gift Boxes by Susan M

I am so IN LOVE with these little boxes by Susan Montgomery!  take a look how unique they are - and as far as I know there are not many art galleries in Brisbane offering such unique little gems.  We have beautiful paintings by Susan and you can see them on our WEBSITE- however, these little boxes are an alternative if a painting is a little out of your price range, you can choose one of these painted boxes and stilll have a piece of art.  Let me add, no two boxes are the same - making them unique.  The Manly Gallery represents Susan exclusively in Brisbane and proud of it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

ahhh Venice and Tuscany

"Venice Canal"
74x56cms wcolour

in situ at the gallery

Beautiful Venice! there are only a handful of artists who can paint Venice so beautifully, and Madelaine is one of them.  Many of my artists travel extensively, and last year, Madelaine was lucky enough to travel to Europe, making sure she had plenty of time to paint some of those gorgeous scenes of Italy and France -so this is part of the beautiful collection of work that is now coming through.
The image below is in Tuscany, we have had this painting a short while, but thought I would repost as its so gorgeous!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stradbroke Island by Bruce Buchanan

Polka Point - Dunwich
Stradbroke Island (47x88cms wcolour)

Collecting Bait at the One Mile
Dunwich - Stradbroke Island 46x88cms wcolour

A wonderful new collection by Bruce Buchanan focusing on our beautiful Stradbroke Island - which is literally on our doorstep.  What an inspiration for an artist - to spend time in this part of the bay.   I have tried to take images of how the paintings look at the gallery, without getting to much reflection!   Up on the wall and looking wonderful and framed to perfection.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sculptures by Willy Birds

White Chooky

Black Chooky

Group of puddy cats

grey cat

little black cat

lovely kingfisher

cheeky little cockatoos

and my favourite - the Guinea Fowls

I shouldn't really say "my favourite" as they are all gorgeous!   we cannot get enough of these little sculptures by Willy Birds - a perennial favourite of the gallery.  Made from raku clay.  We have just ordered pelicans, and kingfishers, so watch for them arriving shortly.   The little faces on these birds are just so gorgeous, they always make me smile (and the cats)  .....All of them small enough to put into your hand. A for adorable!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Question in the Garden

Wanted to show you a sculpture we have in our front garden, which is by Denise Murray and its called "Question".  This sculpture has been in the "elements" for a number of years and she is certainly been tried and tested with all the bay breezes that we get.  We hope to be getting a new "Question" in our gallery shortly, so look out for her soon....and just a sweet little etching called "Dancers" which comes unframed and priced at $85 - that's such great value!