Friday, October 29, 2010

**Halloween Magic**

** Halloween Girl **
30x20cms acrylic

~~ The Disguise ~~
30x20cms acrylic

** Trick or Treat **
30x20cms acrylic

Firstly, I would just love to thank Thea from "Thea and Sami" for the simply wonderful mention of our gallery on their very special blog Thea and Sami which is a great read.  Thea is a textile designer and fabric printer, who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia,  designing as well as "hand screen-printing" natural fabrics - make sure you have a look at the BLOG

Hope you just love the little halloween-themed paintings (above) by Susan Montgomery as much as I do!  I am not that into Halloween, however, each year I enjoy it more which I guess is because it is quite "family orientated" and there is nothing nicer than hearing children laughing and having a good time.  So once a year our little area swells up with an extra 10,000 visitors to celebrate the Halloween Festival in Manly which encompasses rides and amusements, markets and stage entertainment and roving street performers - then the Street Parade at sunset (6pm) and a movie in the park which is "Monster House" then fireworks at 9pm.  Its very much a family event which is nice.

The little paintings by Susan are adorable - they will add drama with a quirky edge!  they are priced at $190 each.  Enjoy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One-of-a-Kind Glassworks

yes, that is Bill Clinton!
in the shop window

the Hoglund Glass shopfront in Auckland

* Lattice Bowl on Base *

* Coil Vase *

* Lattic Bowl * Aqua

* Lattice Vase *
blue and white

* Lattice Vase *

group of works

and "in situ" at the Gallery

The top two images are taken in New Zealand - Hoglund Glass spend their time between Queensland in Australia and New Zealand, so thought I would share with you a "VIP" customer who visited their New Zealand store in Auckland.  The other gorgeous pieces have just arrived, most featuring overlapping colours and luxurious tones combined with elegance and pure design.  

Splash of Colour

* Colour Splash *
110x78cms acrylic

* For You *
40x30cms acrylic

* Floral Landscape *

*Spring Field*
90x60cms acrylic

* Everything's Rosey *

*A Daisy a Day *
40x30cms acrylic

* Giddy Gerberas *

* Hey Lily *


Kendall recently had a wonderful write-up in the Courier Mail with regard to investment art, going through the pros and cons.  Luckily for Kendall, the journalist had actually started collecting art and  fell in love with a precious piece by Kendall.  "The rich colours just jump out at you as if the painting is alive (she quoted) and I feel uplifted every time I walk past it".  These particular pieces shown above, are so luscious, glossy and full of colour and life - with an instant injection of colour it would make any room special.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ The Finishing Touch ~

* Parrys Lagoon*
58x48cms acrylic

"Waters Edge"
55x57cms acrylic

*Reflection on Reflections*
100x75cms mixed media

"To Innamincka"
27x55cms works on paper

"Ghost of the Old Ghan"
27x55cms works on paper

New works just arrived by Pam Walpole.  Leaving the coast and heading off into the countryside would have been behind the inspiration of the latest works from Pam.  With abstract shapes leading you onto more discoveries combined with subtle but great sense of colour and superb drawing of shapes, no wonder Pam's work is very popular with designers and architects alike.  This is a wonderful collection and so much nicer in the flesh - the images don't really do the paintings justice!  but like any artwork you choose, it must evoke an emotion and thats just what Pam's work does.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Loving Susan's new paintings....

* White Rabbit *
50x40cms acrylic

~ Ice Skating ~
50x40cms acrylic

* Innocence *
50x40cms acrylic

~ The Wish ~

We are loving the  larger size this time from Susan Montgomery 50x40cms on stretch canvas.  I have many customers saying how delighted they are in buying art for their children or grandchildren as most children have soooooo many toys and "things" that just end up getting tossed out - so what a wonderful present for a child - their first piece of art.  This type of painting would stand the test of time  - and always be part of the family - its a wonderful idea.  The little boxes are adorable - they are collage then laquered - all different shapes and sizes. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fresh Figs by Bronwyn Searle

* Fresh Figs *
60x90cms oil

Bronwyn Searle is one our still life artists, who loves to paint with traditional oils.   "Fresh Figs" is a new piece to add to the collection, and would look amazing on a dark or a light coloured wall.   The Watermelon Wedge and Waters Edge (children on the beach)  are still available through the gallery with the one below which is called Four Green Pears (love this one!) also availabe.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fine Lines

*Blacksmiths Shop - Adelaide Hills*
70x98cms watercolour

~ Autumn Remembered (iv)~

Exquisite new watercolours by Bruce Buchanan.   The second and third images are the same painting - just in different locations - this is simply the most beautiful series - the Autumn Remembered Series which is proving to be very popular, and no wonder with the atmospheric compositions they portray.  The ever popular building series are also sought after, and this one won't disappoint, the old Blacksmith Shop in the Adelaide Hills is a gem.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some little Gems of Etchings

* Incident *

* Dream Combo *

* Flora ii *

* Flora *

* Heart of the Matter (viii) *

* The Mermaids Tale *

"Banana Flower"

* Shades of Dark and  Light *

* Via Calligheree - The Boat *

A very interesting collection of etchings by Frances Luke - which appear to have a very European feel to them.  Frances lived in Italy for a number of years and I guess her dream-like etchings are heavily influenced by her time spent as an artist in residence there. This collection comes fully framed and most are all priced under the $300 mark, and if you follow Frances's works, you will certainly see there are some little finds gems here!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frog Tales

"Green Tree Frog"

This giclee is by Christopher Pope our wildlife artist - we have just popped this unframed giclee into the framers and should receive it back in the gallery very shortly  - I've chosen a nice champagne coloured frame with an oversized white matt - it should suit this giclee beautifully.  I must admit I am very partial to frogs,  having rescued one on the road the other night after a downpour!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Artist at the Gallery on Saturday

~ Early Morning - Southport Bridge ~

 * Southport Broadwater *

Very short notice - however, we welcome James to the gallery tomorrow morning, starting from 9am, James will be demonstrating his beautiful watercolour style - he'll have the easel set up outside the Manly Gallery and will probably be around for a couple of hours (weather permitting).   So if you are in Brisbane, please pop in to see James at work -" creating" a masterpiece!  We also have those amazing Jan Powers Farmers Markets in Manly  tomorrow as well - so make a day of it enjoy the markets and grab a little culture at the same time.  The markets start at 6am and I can definately vouch they are well worth a visit - just bring lots of baskets to carry your goodies home in.