Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colourful Collection

~ Ocean Girls ~
40x50cms acrylic

36x27cms acrylic

** Bayside Queenslander **
44x53cms acrylic

"Spring Flowering"
37x46cms watercolour

Its October!  and its exam time!!  most Brisbanites know this to well - but our beautiful purple Jacarandas are in full bloom right now and hopefully with all this rain around - they will last a little bit longer for us to enjoy.  What a variety in this selection of works by Jeanette Morris - most people recognise the "Jacaranda" type paintings in which Jeanette is most known for - but I am just loving the series she is doing with the beachy-influenced "Ocean Girls", this is a step back in time for when Jeanette was painting for the newspaper on fashion illustration many moons ago.  What about *Aquamarine*?  this is a nice play with contemporary work and its always refreshing to see my artists doing "different strokes" - a very colourful collection.

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Susan Simonini said...

congratulations on being a finalist in the business awards - that is fantastic!!