Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ The Finishing Touch ~

* Parrys Lagoon*
58x48cms acrylic

"Waters Edge"
55x57cms acrylic

*Reflection on Reflections*
100x75cms mixed media

"To Innamincka"
27x55cms works on paper

"Ghost of the Old Ghan"
27x55cms works on paper

New works just arrived by Pam Walpole.  Leaving the coast and heading off into the countryside would have been behind the inspiration of the latest works from Pam.  With abstract shapes leading you onto more discoveries combined with subtle but great sense of colour and superb drawing of shapes, no wonder Pam's work is very popular with designers and architects alike.  This is a wonderful collection and so much nicer in the flesh - the images don't really do the paintings justice!  but like any artwork you choose, it must evoke an emotion and thats just what Pam's work does.

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