Monday, October 18, 2010

Some little Gems of Etchings

* Incident *

* Dream Combo *

* Flora ii *

* Flora *

* Heart of the Matter (viii) *

* The Mermaids Tale *

"Banana Flower"

* Shades of Dark and  Light *

* Via Calligheree - The Boat *

A very interesting collection of etchings by Frances Luke - which appear to have a very European feel to them.  Frances lived in Italy for a number of years and I guess her dream-like etchings are heavily influenced by her time spent as an artist in residence there. This collection comes fully framed and most are all priced under the $300 mark, and if you follow Frances's works, you will certainly see there are some little finds gems here!

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theoldboathouse said...

I really like these.They are very interesting and kind of spooky/magical in a way...perfect for Manlys Halloween festival soon, cheers Katherine