Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Splash of Colour

* Colour Splash *
110x78cms acrylic

* For You *
40x30cms acrylic

* Floral Landscape *

*Spring Field*
90x60cms acrylic

* Everything's Rosey *

*A Daisy a Day *
40x30cms acrylic

* Giddy Gerberas *

* Hey Lily *


Kendall recently had a wonderful write-up in the Courier Mail with regard to investment art, going through the pros and cons.  Luckily for Kendall, the journalist had actually started collecting art and  fell in love with a precious piece by Kendall.  "The rich colours just jump out at you as if the painting is alive (she quoted) and I feel uplifted every time I walk past it".  These particular pieces shown above, are so luscious, glossy and full of colour and life - with an instant injection of colour it would make any room special.


theoldboathouse said...

I love what the journalist wrote and is a true reminder of the power of art to influence our emotions and mood. The names of her works are fun too aren't they. cheers Katherine

theoldboathouse said...

Just saw you featured on Thea's beautiful blog Thea and Sami, it was great to read more about you and the gallery...maybe you could add a link from here cheers Katherine