Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tangalooma Wrecks

Wrecks at Tangalooma - Moreton Island Qld

"Old Skeleton - Sunshine Coast"
oil on canvas

~ Toogoolawah Homestead ~
oil on canvas

Up and hanging in the gallery today are beautiful new oils by Caroline Penny - we have placed the "Wrecks at Tangalooma" on our slate coloured wall, and it looks amazing.  If you have ever dived in this area of Moreton Island, I'm sure you would agree Caroline has captured the opalescent colours that bounce all over the water so beautifully - the water is crystal clear and is a favourite with many divers. "Old Skeleton" features a beautiful sunset as only the Sunshine Coast can produce - you can see why Caroline would have wanted to paint this composition and lastly the luscious greens in "Toogoolawah Homestead" - this painting is just delightful featuring a very textured foreground and wonderful light and shade components.

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