Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watercolours of the Local Area

"Blue Water Moorings - Manly"

Pathway to Pandanus Beach

Views to Port of Brisbane

Port of Brisbane from Pandanus Beach

Vanessa Goodland is a watercolourist with a very unique style of her own.   Loose in style, her paintings really do capture our part of the bay beautifully.  The Port of Brisbane - not the most elegant of sites, however, painted by Vanessa it looks quite stunning with Wynnum's mud-flats in the foreground.  Pandanus Beach at Wynnum is our only "official" beach in the area - its a pretty little area to go swimming, but only on full tide! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art Demo at the Gallery

Christine at the easel

and the gorgeous St Bridgits at Red Hill

We had lots of spectators on the weekend to watch our artist Christine Reilly at the easel creating another beautiful oil.  Unfortunately, I was so taken with everything, I forgot to take photos for the BLOG!  so when Christine was packing up after many hours, I managed to remember and take a couple of photos, so that is why there are no people milling around!   The painting she worked on is at the gallery at the moment, and its a beautiful flower shop in Paris.  Loving the St Bridgits painting (last image)  with all the Jacarandas in all their glory - so happy to post this image again - its a big painting and would look amazing on a big white wall, as a permanent reminder of how beautiful our city Brisvegas Brisbane is.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Beautiful Blooms for the Show

glorious white arrangement

Peonies - featuring the French Flag


Firstly, just a little reminder our artist Christine Reilly will be giving an art demonstration at the gallery from 10am tomorrow (Saturday) until 1pm in the afternoon - we would love to have a big crowd to see this wonderful artist work her magic -its enthralling to see a painting develop, and we are looking forward to it very much - hope you can come along!  all welcome.  The Jan Powers Farmers Markets are also on, so it will be a good excuse to come to Manly for the day!

I just love flowers and I was thrilled when Linda from Bliss, Blooms and Bouquets delivered her special flowers for our Exhibition Opening.  We had a gorgeous display of white flowers, from roses to lillies displayed in a very frenchy urn!  then the beautiful waratahs which were just the most luscious, red colour which enhanced the paintings perfectly, as we all know how much Christine loves her touches of red in her paintings - then the piece-de-resistance (is that how you spell it? probably not!!) but the  most exquisite Pink Peonies - they were stunning and now I know what all the fuss is about with this amazing flower - it is now firmly my favourite as well.  Hope you enjoy the images....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boardwalk by Bruce Buchanan

93x120cms watercolour

on the wall at the gallery

A special piece just arrived from our artist, Bruce Buchanan titled "Boardwalk" which is actually the whale watch lookout at Cape du Couedic, Kangaroo Island. A significant piece and framed beautifully.  Hope you enjoy the artist statement from Bruce - see below:-

Artist Statement 
"The nature of man-made structures within the natural environment has always interested me.  In this work, the geometry of changing shadows interlocked with the timber boardwalk provides a dynamic abstract pattern. Infinite perspective is created by these patterns seen against the vastness of the sea."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opening Night

waiting for the arrival of our guests

a couple of smaller pieces in French frames
ooh - la - la 
(sorry, just had to say that)

I'll have that one!!

Christine with her daughters

congrats to our customers
(their choice on the left)

Christine Reilly customers (note the smiles!)

Christine on the left
with another happy customer

ahh...the calmness pre-show

"Noosa Umbrellas" & beachy scenes

We had an amazing opening for our latest exhibition Rendezvous featuring Christine Reilly.  We have been looking forward to this show for such a long time and it was just wonderful to see it all come together so beautifully.  We had a very busy night and along with plenty of champagne (it was a hot night) there were plenty of red dots.  Christine has a large following, particularly in Brisbane, and this was very evident by the support she received.  I must mention the artwork looked extra special with the enhancement of the beautiful flowers by "Bliss, Blooms and Bouquets" from Wavell Heights and if you visit the WEBSITE you will just love what Linda can create! I will post a separate blog post to show you the gorgeous arrangments that Linda created just for this exhibition.   So, I can assure you, there are still many beautiful pieces to be had, unique and very special -especially if you love France!   (a big thank you to Vicki Archer from French Essence for your lovely comments - I was thrilled that you are reading our BLOG).  Many thanks to Christine for one of the most beautiful  exhibitions we have held at the gallery.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rendezvous (continued....)

* St Remy Markets * (sold)

* The Metro *   (sold)

* Patisserie *  (sold)

*Paparazzi *

* Paris Fashion Week *

* Morning Tea *

* The Red Hat *

* Autumn in Paris *  (sold)

* Venice Rialto *

* Venice Reflections *

* Christian Dior *

Chris portrays all her characters with colour and movement- making them come alive on the canvas. Her placement of tones draws the viewer into the work and the composition keeps them involved.  This exhibition demonstrates the Artist’s love of both European travel and people-watching at home and abroad. It chronicles not only the progression of her subjects and style, but also her own journey as an artist and a woman. 

Artist Statement: “The process is the important thing, the struggle; excitement and energy which are so much a part of the creative process can be intoxicating. Some subjects become favourites, contributing to my personal language and then allowing me to indulge in the sheer pleasure of creating.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~ Rendezvous - Exhibition Images ~

"Gina L"
the signature piece for the show!

* Jacarandas - St Bridgets Church
at Red Hill - Brisbane *

* New Farm Park *

* N O O S A *

* Waiters *

* Glamorous 50's *

* J  U G S *

* La Fontaine Fleurs *

* Le Savoy *

 * Life in Paris *

* Montmartre (i) *

* Montmartre (ii) *

Christine Reilly’s exhibition ‘Rendezvous’ allow us a glimpse into her kaleidoscope world of people and places. Her latest series of works takes us on a journey across the figurative, from her interpretation of flamboyant French and Italian images to evocative recollections of Queensland.Her obsession with figures is obvious, ‘I just can‘t stop putting people in my paintings” Chris explains, “I look for subjects that arouse my enthusiasm and demand that I paint them.” 

Personally, I cannot wait for this wonderful show, it is so glamorous and gorgeous and Christine is one of the gallery's most favoured artists - the art demonstration on the 20th November will also be a wonderful day, to see the artist creating her works.  I'll be posting the remaining images tomorrow - otherwise go to our website and click on the Exhibition page - where all of the images are posted.