Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art Demo at the Gallery

Christine at the easel

and the gorgeous St Bridgits at Red Hill

We had lots of spectators on the weekend to watch our artist Christine Reilly at the easel creating another beautiful oil.  Unfortunately, I was so taken with everything, I forgot to take photos for the BLOG!  so when Christine was packing up after many hours, I managed to remember and take a couple of photos, so that is why there are no people milling around!   The painting she worked on is at the gallery at the moment, and its a beautiful flower shop in Paris.  Loving the St Bridgits painting (last image)  with all the Jacarandas in all their glory - so happy to post this image again - its a big painting and would look amazing on a big white wall, as a permanent reminder of how beautiful our city Brisvegas Brisbane is.

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