Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~ Rendezvous - Exhibition Images ~

"Gina L"
the signature piece for the show!

* Jacarandas - St Bridgets Church
at Red Hill - Brisbane *

* New Farm Park *

* N O O S A *

* Waiters *

* Glamorous 50's *

* J  U G S *

* La Fontaine Fleurs *

* Le Savoy *

 * Life in Paris *

* Montmartre (i) *

* Montmartre (ii) *

Christine Reilly’s exhibition ‘Rendezvous’ allow us a glimpse into her kaleidoscope world of people and places. Her latest series of works takes us on a journey across the figurative, from her interpretation of flamboyant French and Italian images to evocative recollections of Queensland.Her obsession with figures is obvious, ‘I just can‘t stop putting people in my paintings” Chris explains, “I look for subjects that arouse my enthusiasm and demand that I paint them.” 

Personally, I cannot wait for this wonderful show, it is so glamorous and gorgeous and Christine is one of the gallery's most favoured artists - the art demonstration on the 20th November will also be a wonderful day, to see the artist creating her works.  I'll be posting the remaining images tomorrow - otherwise go to our website and click on the Exhibition page - where all of the images are posted.

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