Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gallery is on H O L S

Just in case someone is reading this BLOG - oh I do wonder sometimes....anyway, just remembered I forgot to post the Christmas message - story of my life.  Gallery is on holidays and we'll be back "bright eyed and bushy tailed" on Friday 7th January

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful Sculptures

Chrissy and Joe



Vanessa  and Lunchtime


A fine selection of cold cast bronze sculptures by Denise Murray currently at the gallery.   Cold Cast Bronze is another way to cast a bronze which doesn’t involve a foundry.  The pieces are first modelled in wax or clay. A plaster mould is taken from the finished sculpture.  From this plaster mould a “master” is cast in resin.   After the master is sanded and smoothed a silicon rubber mould is made.  Instead of the traditional bronze, cold cast bronze is in the form of a fine powder.  This is mixed with resin and painted into the silicon mould and allowed to catalyse.  The mould is then sealed and filled with resin. A sheet of lead is added to the final pour to add weight to the work. When the piece comes out of the mould it is sanded, the seams are filled with additional bronze resin and it is polished to bring the bronze to the surface.  It is then given a patina and a final polish. After a while, if the surface is dull it can be brought back by polishing with the finest steel wool (0000 grade).  An amazing process - but oh so worth it - this selection is just divine.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cats by Madeline Herbert

This is a delightful watercolour by Madeline Herbert-Miller titled "Cats" measuring 64x78cms.  Lots of gorgeous works arriving in the gallery every day  - so grab a coffee, get out of the rain and browse art galleries, better than fighting for car parks in the local shopping centres - we have gorgeous gifts for Chrissy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cockatoo Call

Bright and cheery little paintings by Margaret Rangeley of our very cheeky little Cockatoos and Lorikeets - both paintings are acrylic and measure 50x50cms - just delightful!  Margaret has a lovely garden and is able to get plenty of inspiration from her little friends when they visit her trees - she delights in taking images of the birds whilst frolicking in the foliage.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Luscious Still Life

"The Striped Bowl"
48x79cms pastel

* Pommies *
57x88cms pastel

Yes, these are paintings!  they are photo-realism in the true sense of the word.  Painted in pastels, Jan Hodgson transforms fruits into the most exquisite still life, however, I believe there is something different about Jan's work which sets her apart from other still life artists - the blending of the pastels lends itself beautifully to fruit and with Jan's skill, and her reflection detail, they are just exquisite.  Wouldn'nt mind one of these paintings under my Christmas tree!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pam Walpole - new stock in time for Xmas..

*Flooded Boundary*
50x172cms mixed media

* Manly Marina *   (now sold)
50x145cms acrylic

~ Bell Gorge Lagoon ~
37x37cms acyrlic

~ Silent Grove ~
37x37cms acrylic

~ Windjana Waterhole ~
37x37cms acrylic

~ Rhythm of the Wet Season ~
37 x 37cms acrylic

We literally have a "Pam Walpole" wall at the moment!  lots of new work to choose from, some real little gems amongst this collection - the little 37x37cms series are  framed beautifully in stark white, which brings out the opalescent colours of Pams small works - and some of the larger canvases are just stunning - almost like the star on top of the Christmas Tree - the finishing touch! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stradbroke Island Splendor

"Reflections Brown Lake - Stradbroke Island"
76x91cms watercolour

"Headland Walk - Stradbroke Island"
51x90cms watercolour

"Storm Front - Stradbroke Island"
48x90cms watercolour

One of my most favourite places in the whole world- beautiful Stradbroke Island.  Featured in three new works by Bruce Buchanan, each painting takes us on a journey around the island - from the beach, to the lake then to the beautiful walks around Point Lookout - a truly superb collection ~ Bruce believes the love of the natural landscape lies deeply within the Australian psyche, although most of us are confronted on a daily basis by the built environment.  His paintings reflect both, and are a “window” onto what he sees.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where is Halbert ?!

Halbert with Bees

Halbert with Chooky

little poody cats also available

and the lovely guinnea fowls

"Halbert with Bees" and "Halbert with Chooky" have just graced their presence in the gallery - they are getting smiles from everyone who sees them!  Halbert is an adorable character made from pottery by Val Willy - who normally does little sculptures of cats, birds, cows and dawgs...but we just love this little character Halbert - and it looks  like he gets up to all sorts of funny  situations.  Look at the face on the little chooky with Halbert -so sweet.....   (Halberts stand around 20cms high)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Colourful New Works

*Parisian Beauty ii *
90x60cms acrylic

*Desirable Daisies*
90x60cms acrylic

*Cityscape (i)*

~Cityscape ii~

Kendall!   bright and colourful just like her paintings....

I love the top image - with the black and white stripe motif and the stenciling on the base of the painting.  If you have any black and white in your home, just imagine how gorgeous this would work, tying in the same elements from the painting.  We have a whole gallery wall packed to the rafters with Kendall's new works - plenty to choose from for Christmas!!  there is nothing we like more than to gift wrap these colourful works - all you have to do is pop it straight under the Christmas tree.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~Gorgeous New Necklaces for Christmas~

Look at these gorgeous new necklaces from our wonderful local, bayside artist - 
Janice Quinn.  Janice creates unique, handcrafted beads one at a time using the flame of a torch and coloured glass rods from Italy.  Each bead has been properly annealed assuring longevity - each piece is unique.  The necklaces are embelished with quality Balinese silver findings, this selection is just exquisite - all come beautifully gift wrapped to put straight under the Christmas tree.