Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where is Halbert ?!

Halbert with Bees

Halbert with Chooky

little poody cats also available

and the lovely guinnea fowls

"Halbert with Bees" and "Halbert with Chooky" have just graced their presence in the gallery - they are getting smiles from everyone who sees them!  Halbert is an adorable character made from pottery by Val Willy - who normally does little sculptures of cats, birds, cows and dawgs...but we just love this little character Halbert - and it looks  like he gets up to all sorts of funny  situations.  Look at the face on the little chooky with Halbert -so sweet.....   (Halberts stand around 20cms high)

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Dennyjune said...

What a totally unique Xmas present!