Thursday, January 13, 2011

City Cats in Manly Harbour

Our gallery is in Manly, and one of the lucky suburbs of Brisbane not to be affected by the devastating floods in recent days.  Having said that, at least Manly was able to offer a "safe haven" for the Brisbane City Council's fleet of City Cats that go up and down the Brisbane River and are "iconic" to our city.  When the floods were coming - the fleet  made their way down the river and through the Port of Brisbane, then into Moreton Bay and headed south to moor in Manly Harbour where they are all secure - its a funny sight to see them in amongst the yachts etc - they are very welcome and its the  least we could do!   I am sure everyone in Brisbane has been affected in some way - the bottom photo was taken in Admiralty Towers where I have family - nervous times as the water broke its banks and this was very earlier on - happy that all is well and everyone is safe - a big task to evacuate the whole building especially closing down the CBD.  My thoughts are with everyone who has been through this trauma - we love our Brisbane city and its been so distressing to see the devastation.

(photos from RQYS FB site)

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theoldboathouse said...

That is a great pic of the ferry nestled in next to the yachts. They look odd don't they but at the same time it is comforting to see them there safe and protected. Glad your family are safe. Xx katherine