Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Landscapes of Queensland


* Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Noosa *
44x74cms wcolour

* Earth Fire & Water *
44x74cms watercolour

~ Tranquil Bay ~
44x54cms wcolour

Loving this new collection from Lorraine Rogers - all watercolours, but so richly coloured and beautiful compositions.  Let me share with you her thoughts for this work:
Artist Statement:  "We have all become very aware of environmental concerns caused by global warming and loss of habitat.  We are lucky to live in a part of the world, where only minutes from our doorstep, we can still enjoy some of the most beautiful rainforests, beaches and picturesque landscapes.  I make a point of getting out exploring, taking photos and absorbing the sights and sounds of these wonderful areas in Queensland."  

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theoldboathouse said...

Hi Janet,just wonderful, really captured is the way the bush is so close to so many of our beautiful beaches, cheers Katherine