Thursday, February 10, 2011

Timeless Compositions

* Home *
150x100cms acrylic on stretch canvas

* Incoming Tide *
90x120cms arylic on stretch canvas

* The Big Wet *
90x90cms acrylic on stretch canvas

* S u m m e r *
100x150cms acrylic

Four new paintings by Robin Hines - all on stretch canvas.   All ranging in texture, colour and form - this is a wonderful new collection.  The paintings are large and command space, however, one special piece is all you need to bring a room together and with this array of artwork to choose from any area would look amazing with a lovely large painting taking centre stage.  Even if you have  a small space, it is "all the go" in the USA at the moment - to hang oversized paintings on the walls - better to have a large painting in a small space than a small painting in large space!

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