Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jellyfish Collection

* Under the Ocean *
90x120cms acrylic/resin

* Jellyfish in Motion *
180x60cms acrylic/resin  (quite large)

* Jellyfish and Reef *
40x30cms acrylic/resin

In situ

Our artist Trevor Platt is currently enjoying the high life up at Hamilton Island as the "Artist In Residence" for next month or so.  If you happen to find yourself up that way, and want some painting lessons then by all means - he would be happy to help.  In the meantime, we are so glad  he painted a collection of the very popular "glow in the dark" paintings from his Jellyfish collection, and delivered them before he jumped on the plane to Hamilton Island - thanks Trevor!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Large Black and White Canvas

Just received a very large piece from Russell Kereama - this painting measures over 2 metres long so would look amazing in a stairwell or entry way.  The wire on the back has been placed vertically and horizonally which is a wonderful idea as you can swap and change if you need to.  This piece is quite impressive and takes up most of my back wall!  but its gorgeous and I'm surprised how pretty the lemon lillies are the scene stealer against the delightful backdrop of black and white swirls.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clay Work at its Simplest

1.  Spoonbill
2. Egret
3. Cockatoo Trio
4. Stilts (our foreshore birds)

The formative shaping and decorative scoring on each piece display great freedom and fluency - James handles clay very well, fortunately with more expresssive vigour than expressive technique!  His birds have a delicate and endearing personality expressed through what might be a simple turn of the head or a twist of the body.  James rolls out thin sheets of clay and then wraps it around wads of paper - the shape is then teased out by pinching, pulling and adding "torn" pieces of clay where necessary.   James L Peterson's creations have the capacity to involve the viewer at a range of levels and it is easy to agree with his summation that the work is ultimately about the vulnerability and fragility of nature.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cat Love

Do you love cats?  they are such a painterly subject matter and this one is captured in such a mischievious way - eyes wide open - ears up and ready to get up to no good! A luscious oil painting, in an impressionist style suits this painting so well.  The colours are amazing which I'm sure suits the cat's personality - frenetic and full of energy.  You know I think collecting paintings should be about what YOU like - NOT what you THINK you should like.....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Scenes of Beautiful Brisbane

* Morning on Queen Street *
46x60cms oil on canvas

* Adelaide Street Traffic *
50x60cms oil on canvas

Beautiful light and shade are the key elements in Michael's impressionist oils.  You feel like you really want to study the compositions as its not always about it being "just another city scene".  Look at the shadow cast on the wall in Adelaide Street  (off to the left) your eye seems to go around the painting, it rests on the blank wall then continues on to the road in the distance then onto the group of trees.   To me, the figure in the top painting seems to bring you along with it into the painting - like you are there and part of the street scene, this is very difficult to do at the best of times, but Michael has certainly captured this totally - I could almost be walking behind this lady!  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Large Colourful Works on Canvas

We recently installed arwork at "Admiralty Towers" in the city where the request was for big,  bright and colourful - and I'm sure you would agree, they all look pretty amazing.  I would like to see further "cushioning" on the lounge though!  perhaps we should call in Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things blogspot to plump up the cushion supply!  the wonderful thing with stretch canvas is that you can have just about any size you wish - all can be custom made.   We currently have a 2metre long black and white swirl painting (just like the one in image 4 only larger) at the framers getting stretched and should have it back in the gallery shortly.  One of Russell's paintings recently appeared in the Real Living Magazine and was featured behind a bed - which looked amazing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colourful Watercolours

*Completing the Day - Brisbane River *
44x72cms watercolour

* Brisbane Valley Farm *
44x72cms watercolour

* Tropical Dusk - Brisbane River *
55x74cms watercolour

~ No Reception - No Traffic - No Worries ~
44x72cms watercolour

The excitement of colour is high on the agenda for Lorraine Rogers when she is painting her watercolours.  Delving into the colours of jacaranda, turquoise, amethyst and magenta, all come together so beautifully in this collection.  On a recent trip into Brisbane recently, Lorraine was taken with the beautiful colours radiating from a colourful dusk over the city, and happily took images to finally paint what she experienced this day.   I absolutely adore the bottom painting - what a happy up-lifting piece this is.  I love the dinghy propped up in the corner and the towels and togs thrown over the railing - I want to go there on my next holiday!  (perhaps Straddie??)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marina Paintings

~ On the Marina at Manly ~
92x122cms acrylic

* Dinghies at Manly *
61x61cms acrylic

* At Wynnum Creek *
46x92cms acrylic

A wonderful, bright collection of works by Ian McFadyen, who is not new to gallery, but we haven't seen his paintings for a while - but thats fine - we welcome him back especially with this collection of paintings of our beautiful harbour at Manly.  Rich, strong colours that go hand in hand with sunny days and bright boats bopping away in the harbour - a special trio of works.

Monday, March 7, 2011

To the Beach by Bruce Buchanan

* To the Beach *
72x70cms watercolour

"Incoming Tide" on the left
"To the Beach" on the right

in situ

We are receiving a lot of new paintings from our artists at the moment, so if you haven't been in for while - do yourself a favour and pop in to view our extensive range.  This new painting titled "To the Beach" is an exquisite new piece by Bruce Buchanan - always a favourite at the gallery.  I am sure all of us have been down a beach path like this before - its a familiar image which is quite evocative - a special piece.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zebras at the Gallery

"Eyes for You"
pastel 76x104cms

Framed in a wonderful large black/silver frame with double matts, this new piece by Jan Hodgson, has to be one of my favourites from the Zebra series.  There is something quite mystical and serene about this composition, which would look amazing above a fireplace or a bed - perhaps in the entry way, worked back with big white lillies in a white or glossy black vase nearby to bring it altogether.  I love it....