Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clay Work at its Simplest

1.  Spoonbill
2. Egret
3. Cockatoo Trio
4. Stilts (our foreshore birds)

The formative shaping and decorative scoring on each piece display great freedom and fluency - James handles clay very well, fortunately with more expresssive vigour than expressive technique!  His birds have a delicate and endearing personality expressed through what might be a simple turn of the head or a twist of the body.  James rolls out thin sheets of clay and then wraps it around wads of paper - the shape is then teased out by pinching, pulling and adding "torn" pieces of clay where necessary.   James L Peterson's creations have the capacity to involve the viewer at a range of levels and it is easy to agree with his summation that the work is ultimately about the vulnerability and fragility of nature.

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