Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colourful Watercolours

*Completing the Day - Brisbane River *
44x72cms watercolour

* Brisbane Valley Farm *
44x72cms watercolour

* Tropical Dusk - Brisbane River *
55x74cms watercolour

~ No Reception - No Traffic - No Worries ~
44x72cms watercolour

The excitement of colour is high on the agenda for Lorraine Rogers when she is painting her watercolours.  Delving into the colours of jacaranda, turquoise, amethyst and magenta, all come together so beautifully in this collection.  On a recent trip into Brisbane recently, Lorraine was taken with the beautiful colours radiating from a colourful dusk over the city, and happily took images to finally paint what she experienced this day.   I absolutely adore the bottom painting - what a happy up-lifting piece this is.  I love the dinghy propped up in the corner and the towels and togs thrown over the railing - I want to go there on my next holiday!  (perhaps Straddie??)

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