Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jellyfish Collection

* Under the Ocean *
90x120cms acrylic/resin

* Jellyfish in Motion *
180x60cms acrylic/resin  (quite large)

* Jellyfish and Reef *
40x30cms acrylic/resin

In situ

Our artist Trevor Platt is currently enjoying the high life up at Hamilton Island as the "Artist In Residence" for next month or so.  If you happen to find yourself up that way, and want some painting lessons then by all means - he would be happy to help.  In the meantime, we are so glad  he painted a collection of the very popular "glow in the dark" paintings from his Jellyfish collection, and delivered them before he jumped on the plane to Hamilton Island - thanks Trevor!!


Dennyjune said...

Lucky Trevor! A few months in lovely Hamilton Island!

Jet1wa1 said...

We spent our honeymoon on Hamilton Island and it wasn't until the day we were flying home to Perth that we stopped in at the gallery and my wife fell in love with Trevor's Sea horse collection we are now proud owners of one of these beautiful paintings.