Monday, March 14, 2011

Large Colourful Works on Canvas

We recently installed arwork at "Admiralty Towers" in the city where the request was for big,  bright and colourful - and I'm sure you would agree, they all look pretty amazing.  I would like to see further "cushioning" on the lounge though!  perhaps we should call in Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things blogspot to plump up the cushion supply!  the wonderful thing with stretch canvas is that you can have just about any size you wish - all can be custom made.   We currently have a 2metre long black and white swirl painting (just like the one in image 4 only larger) at the framers getting stretched and should have it back in the gallery shortly.  One of Russell's paintings recently appeared in the Real Living Magazine and was featured behind a bed - which looked amazing.

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