Friday, March 18, 2011

Scenes of Beautiful Brisbane

* Morning on Queen Street *
46x60cms oil on canvas

* Adelaide Street Traffic *
50x60cms oil on canvas

Beautiful light and shade are the key elements in Michael's impressionist oils.  You feel like you really want to study the compositions as its not always about it being "just another city scene".  Look at the shadow cast on the wall in Adelaide Street  (off to the left) your eye seems to go around the painting, it rests on the blank wall then continues on to the road in the distance then onto the group of trees.   To me, the figure in the top painting seems to bring you along with it into the painting - like you are there and part of the street scene, this is very difficult to do at the best of times, but Michael has certainly captured this totally - I could almost be walking behind this lady!  

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theoldboathouse said...

Yes the light in the paintings is excellent. They are really beautiful.