Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother and Child

"New Babe"
46x46cms oil on canvas

"Summer Love"
55x56cms oil on paper

~ C h o o k s ~
42x47cms oil

"The Chook House"
67x76cms pastel

New work from Veronica Robilliard has just arrived at the gallery - quite a different mixture this time.  The top two paintings are just beautiful - the suble image of the "New Babe" along with  "Summertime" on the lawn with her new baby.  Don't you just love chooks? well - I do!  they are so commical the way they come and go looking for anything to eat and how I love those fluffy backsides.  Look at that dandy rooster  (2nd last image) - king of the chookhouse!

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