Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wonderful Oils by Chris Reilly

* Cafe De Flore *
69x78cms oil

* Italian Flower Stall *
79x69cms oil

* High Tea *
40x44cms oil

French inspired? not this time - its the Italian flavour in this new collection of works by Christine Reilly.  A big traveller, Christine is a real "people watcher" even more so when she is in Europe.  The adorable painting "High Tea" is only small - but its a nice little size to place anywhere.  I actually have one of Christine's in my kitchen and I look at it every day - and I never tire of her delightful compositions.  The painting of "Italian Flower Shop" started its beginnings out the front of the gallery as a demonstration painting - so it had a lot of input!  hope you enjoy this collection.

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