Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exquisite Venice & Others

* Green Door - Venice *
50x58cms watercolour
* Near Menerbes - Provence - France*
57x68cms watercolour
* Early Evening at Bellingen*
54x50cms watercolour
*San Michele - Venice*
44x78cms watercolour
*Venice Lagoon*
44x78cms watercolour

* Brisbane Valley Storm*
55x65cms watercolour

(beautifully framed)

Helen with Otto

Helen Beaver - what a delightful artist, so elegant and poised just like her paintings.  I just had to take a photo when she delivered her latest works, as along came her special companion "Otto" a rescued pooch and now very spoilt!  he is adorable and he loves coming in the car to accompany Helen on her deliveries.  This is a beautiful collection of watercolours taken from Helen's last trip overseas and a special place she loves around the Brisbane Valley and the very pretty Bellingen. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bush Retreat

An exquisite new oil on canvas by Christopher Hooper. The light and shade in this work is just exquisite.  Chris actually "finished off" the painting by trekking through the bush and set up his easel and captured the last rays of light to get the colours "in situ".  We quite often have a lot of seascapes at The Manly Gallery - however, how refreshing to see a lovely piece of Australian bush to compliment the seascapes from time to time.  Keep trekking in the bush Chris if you can give us such beautiful work like this - what an inspiration.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Special Paintings by Richard

* Low Tide*
60x60cms acrylic

* Mellow Yellow *
60x60cms acrylic

in situ

I have spent the day training and stock-taking with the new owner of the Gallery - she is just wonderful and I'm sure everyone is going to love what she has in plan for the gallery - a very exciting time.  As I spend my last days at the gallery - I am thoroughly enjoying my time as I take in all the wonderful things that have happened over all the years - I have been blessed with gorgeous artists and customers - what more can a girl ask for!  Luckily, we have now got two beautiful pieces from Richard Bogusz and what gems they are - seems to be a nice color palette change, which is refreshing and beautifully applied.  Today, everyone was commenting on how special these new pieces are and I totally agree.  The lower images show the work "in situ" so you have an idea of how beautiful they look on the wall.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swan Lake comes to TMG

"Swan Lake" (pink)
44x40cms acrylic

Swan Lake - close up

"Swan Lake (1)"  Blue
44x40cms acrylic

close up

Loving.....these divine little paintings by our wonderful artist Kendall Perkins.  How absolutely gorgeous would they be in a childs room or a "big childs room" for that matter!   they are just so whimsical with opalescent colours radiating all over the canvas.  I just love them and framed beautifully in a silvery frame.   Had to take a close up to show the detail which is simply gorgeous - playful and fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pam Walpole - New Paintings

* Sandstone Sentinals *

* Beehive Dome Reflections*
63x63cms acrylic
...And the Waters Flow

Exquisite new works by Pam Walpole now hanging in the gallery, and something a little different this time.    Pam recently won the 2011 Peoples Choice Award at the Noosa Regional Gallery for the "Show us your Art" exhibition.   You will find a wonderful selection of commissioned works by Pam in the foyer at the Greenslopes Hospital, as well as the Marriot Hotel in Brisbane, Quay West, Bretts Wharf,  St Andrews, Cairns International Airport - and that is just to name a few.  Pam has been with the gallery many years, even before I started 10 years ago,  with many successful exhibitions during this time, we are so very proud to have this artist represented through our gallery.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Babes

This collection of sculpture by Midge Johansen are so very popular.  No two are the same - each piece is individually painted by Midge - so whimsical and fun.  Midge has won many awards, she is quite unique with her designs.  Imagine these sitting on a sideboard next to paintings or on top of a group of your favourite "beachy" books.   They stand 20cms high.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Artist Studio Visit

Val & Phil Willy

here it is - "The Kiln"

Lucy (daughter of Val and Phil)
Val, myself and Phil
One thing I do love and will miss very much when I leave the gallery, is my visits to the Artist Studios - over the years I have visited the studios of most of my artists to see "work in progress" and I love it.   I finally got the chance to visit Val and Phil Willy, wonderful potters from the Sunshine Coast.  What an amazing studio, and I was fascinated to find out the process of the raku clay sculptures they create in this amazing studio.  We knew we had the right address when we spotted the sculpture sitting on the letterbox!  oh and did I mention what a delicious home made cake we had with a nice cup of tea!  I selected some gorgeous little sculptures for the gallery including little houses, little sheep and the new line of magpies...simply beautiful! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bruce Buchanan - New Paintings

* Hill Farm - Tasmania *

* Storm over the Plains *
Study (ii)

* Storm over the Plains *
Study (i)

Three new watercolour paintings from Bruce Buchanan now at the gallery.  A beautiful selection of country scenes captured from Bruce's many travels throughout Australia.  The lower two images show the "Hill Farm - Tasmania" at the gallery - so you have an idea of how it looks fully framed - nice wide matts and framed in a very subtle coloured frame.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the Forest by Denise Murray

* In The Forest *
89x70cms mixed media

close up

In the Forest
An Artist Statement
With these works where I have a figure barely visible within the landscape.. often in a forest or close environment my aim is to illustrate our connection with the natural world. I want the figure to blend with the surroundings which is a way to show that there is no difference between our bodies and what surrounds us.The figures are small, nevertheless they are completely at home and there is no intimidation.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Loving the new work by Denise Murray as shown above - you really do have to see this one at the gallery so you can appreciate the intricate detail.  Hope you enjoyed reading the artist Statement by Denise.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Contemporary Works

"Blue as the Bay"

"..and the Embers Flow"

* I thought I Saw a Crocodile*

* The King and I *

I am the first person in the world to admit I know nothing about contemporary art and abstraction, however, throughout the years I have found it fascinating to take the time and really study the paintings so I have a better understanding.  There are currents of underpainting, and the thought process is astounding when I start to hear from the artist just what is involved with each piece - its a passion and you can see that passion coming through.  Pene Edwards is one of our award winning contemporary artists from Wynnum.  The Acquisitive prize from The  Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery -is just one of the awards Pene has won over the past years.  All four works shown here in these images are oil on stretch canvas. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

We are Sailing...

* Moonlight Sailing *

* To Sail Away *

I think everyone expects The Manly Gallery to have boat paintings being so close to the harbour and pretty much that is correct!  so many beautiful homes have big white walls and want to add colour and zing to finish off their decor, and set the scene for their lovely beach houses by the water.  Kendall Perkins never disappoints and we can always count on this artist to give us the paintings that everyone asks for. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Etchings by Frances Luke

M  U S I C

Cherry Sage

T o   T a s t e

To  D a n c e

After Lunch

T e a

Persimmon Tree

Beautiful etchings by Frances Luke, an artist that focuses on her own personal mythology and immediate surroundings.  For a short time Frances lived in Japan and this selection of work is heavily influenced from that particular stage of her life.  They are simply exquisite and come unframed - plus we have around 50 further etchings from this artist in different sizes and compositions.