Friday, July 22, 2011

Artist Studio Visit

Val & Phil Willy

here it is - "The Kiln"

Lucy (daughter of Val and Phil)
Val, myself and Phil
One thing I do love and will miss very much when I leave the gallery, is my visits to the Artist Studios - over the years I have visited the studios of most of my artists to see "work in progress" and I love it.   I finally got the chance to visit Val and Phil Willy, wonderful potters from the Sunshine Coast.  What an amazing studio, and I was fascinated to find out the process of the raku clay sculptures they create in this amazing studio.  We knew we had the right address when we spotted the sculpture sitting on the letterbox!  oh and did I mention what a delicious home made cake we had with a nice cup of tea!  I selected some gorgeous little sculptures for the gallery including little houses, little sheep and the new line of magpies...simply beautiful! 

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Dennyjune said...

Artists are great people! Very interesting pics