Friday, July 15, 2011

Contemporary Works

"Blue as the Bay"

"..and the Embers Flow"

* I thought I Saw a Crocodile*

* The King and I *

I am the first person in the world to admit I know nothing about contemporary art and abstraction, however, throughout the years I have found it fascinating to take the time and really study the paintings so I have a better understanding.  There are currents of underpainting, and the thought process is astounding when I start to hear from the artist just what is involved with each piece - its a passion and you can see that passion coming through.  Pene Edwards is one of our award winning contemporary artists from Wynnum.  The Acquisitive prize from The  Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery -is just one of the awards Pene has won over the past years.  All four works shown here in these images are oil on stretch canvas. 

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