Friday, August 5, 2011

New Gallery Director at TMG

Sharlene & Me (Janet)
Absolutely thrilled when I saw we made the FRONT PAGE again in our local paper The Wynnum Herald, who,  I must say have been fantastic supporters of our gallery for the last 10 years and more.   They are always very interested in whats happening at our gallery and have always featured great stories, with a real interest in local art and they have taken some incredible photos over the years - thanks Wynnum Herald! and thanks Bianca.
Well, there it is!  in black and white, and official - Sharlene is the new Gallery Director and we couldn't have wished for anyone more suitable than Sharlene.  She will be just wonderful I know it,  and dont  you believe about the "big shoes to fill" as Sharlene will bring her own ideas into the gallery and I'm sure it will continue to be one of the best in Brisbane, that is why all our wonderful artists are so loyal.  I look forward to coming along to the first exhibition planned in November. (ps love love love the Kendall painting "Saxy Man" in the photo shoot - good choice from the photographer!  so bright and colourful, just like the gallery.  So its goodbye and thanks for the wonderful support over the last 10 years - I've loved every second at the gallery - and my artists are simply the best there is, how very fortunate I have been and what wonderful customers I have had the pleasure of meeting - so a big thank you everyone!.....Janet

City and Seascapes

"Market Street Cafe"
60x60cms oil
"Thornton Street Ferry"
30x40cms oil

"December in Melbourne"
62x122cms oil

"Showers off Skirmish Point"
70x100cms oil

"Dazzling Sunlight in the City"
40x50cms oil

"Frontal Dunes"
70x100cms oil
What an amazing collection of oils we have just received by Michael Cawdrey, I hung them on our beautiful white wall as you walk into the gallery and what a wonderful display - talk about turning heads!  This is traditional art in its true form - Michael is a very talented artist, his works glisten with light and shade, and the quality is just superb.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful stable of QUEENSLAND artists and they have stayed loyal to our gallery all these years.  I started 10 years ago and Michael was well and truly established with the previous owner long before I started and he continues to this day. Beautiful scenes of Brisbane, Bribie and Melbourne.
Have some wonderful news to bring you and there isn't enough days for me to keep writing the blog,  as Sharlene - our new Gallery Director will be taking over the reigns shortly - exciting!  as I head off into the (Manly) sunset....but I'll make sure I post some wonderful photos in the next day or two.