Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stunning new work from Bruce Buchanan

82x122cm Watercolour Framed

From the artist:  The strong forms of grain silos rising above the cultivation against the early morning light always interest me – the way the shadows are cast from one cylindrical form to the next. These are large objects in the rural landscape, and in this case the flowering canola presented a wonderful colour contrast.  This work is based on the grain silos at Carathool in outback NSW. Simply beautiful.

"Sea Mist Cape Moreton"
63x91cm Watercolour Framed

From the artist:  Those who know Moreton Island will have driven up the beach to Cape Moreton. In this work the sea mist rendered an almost monochromatic mood to everything.  There were heavy clouds overhead, the tide was out and you could just see the lighthouse. I love the beach on days like this. Stunning in its simplicity.

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