Monday, February 28, 2011

New Lamps Just Arrived

We have just received a pair of leadlight lanterns by Doug Cartwright and they are just divine.  With their glossy blue and icey white tonings they would go beautifully in a lounge, bedroom or entry - easy colours to work with.  Personally I love lamps rather than overhead lighting, it is so much softer and can add lots of atmosphere to a room and these two pieces are "a piece of art" one-of-a-kind.  We will even throw in the engery-saving light bulbs!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pam Walpole Wins Prize

"Black Saturday"

Featuring Pam Walpole - with her strong and distinctive style of painting - its no wonder this painting took out the prize for "The Peoples Choice Award" at the Noosa Regional Gallery's recent Volunteers exhibition.   "Black Saturday" is certainly on a grand scale, measuring a large 2.30cm wide x 180 cm high.  The top image shows Pam with her winning piece which is quite stunning - we love Pam's work and at the moment have a number of works at the gallery  (below).  Congrats to our artist on this stunning piece and well deserved. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ooh La La

* I Spy with My Little Eye*
40x30cms acrylic

(detail of I Spy)

Detail of I Spy

* What Do you Think?"
40x30cms acrylic

(detail on painting of What Do you Think)

I simply adore our artist Karen Atkins and these two new works are simply dazzling!  they are so rich and  textured showing remarkable patterning.   Such splendid beauty blurring the lines between humankind and fantasy!  only small works this time measuring 40cms high x 30cms wide on stretch canvas , so they will fit anywhere - believe me they look so amazing "in situ" than on a computer - a must see.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glow In the Dark...

Trevor Platt has painted a series of "Jellyfish" paintings with a glow in the dark product mixed with a resin - which when applied,  gives the paintings a very wet look - it's quite kitschy I know, but so effective and quite frankly we cannot get enough of them - popular appeal need not be a deterrent to appreciate these particular paintings which are very appealing.  Customers are curious to see how the "glow in the dark" concept works so we take the painting into the storeroom and turn off the lights  - it certainly does ...g l o w ...  dont know about putting them into children's bedrooms, may not work there!   but everywhere else is just fine.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Landscapes of Queensland


* Sunset over Tea Tree Bay Noosa *
44x74cms wcolour

* Earth Fire & Water *
44x74cms watercolour

~ Tranquil Bay ~
44x54cms wcolour

Loving this new collection from Lorraine Rogers - all watercolours, but so richly coloured and beautiful compositions.  Let me share with you her thoughts for this work:
Artist Statement:  "We have all become very aware of environmental concerns caused by global warming and loss of habitat.  We are lucky to live in a part of the world, where only minutes from our doorstep, we can still enjoy some of the most beautiful rainforests, beaches and picturesque landscapes.  I make a point of getting out exploring, taking photos and absorbing the sights and sounds of these wonderful areas in Queensland."  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stradbroke Island Featured.....

~ Lonely Coast - Stradbroke Island ~
57x87cms watercolour

~ The Incoming Tide ~
56x88cms watercolour

new paintings displayed on the right

in situ at the gallery

Two new works by Bruce Buchanan have just arrived, in which Stradbroke Island is the inspiration for this collection.  Any paintings of Staddie are always popular and no wonder, as it is such a beautiful part of the world and right on our doorstep on Moreton Bay.   Both paintings are a simple subject, however, they are beautifully painted by this award winning artist and show mastery of form, colour and tone which have resulted in an image of tranquility, space and light.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pam Walpole at last.....The Manly Boat Harbour

"Manly Marina" now at the Gallery

Midnight Lake I and II (in situ)

* Deepwater Mooring*
48cms x 105cms

* Harbourside Moorings*

* Manly Marina *

(triptych now sold)

The Fish Cafe on the Esplanade at Manly are my neighbours - and what good neighbours they are, to have an award winning restaurant on your doorstep is a real bonus.  The owners of the Fish Cafe commissioned our artist Pam Walpole for a contemporary set of paintings for their very large wall (see top image above).  That was a few years back now.  EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is always asking when is the artist ever going to paint more of this wonderful composition? - based around The Manly Boat Harbour. I am so happy to say that we now have a number of "Manly Harbour" paintings by Pam Walpole at the gallery.  They look amazing and all of them have the gorgeous blue hues and abstract shapes that Pam is well known for.  Lets face it when buying art, you have to trust your instincts as the artworks you live with should speak to you in a personal way.  Each of these images shown has such a presence which suggests a harmonious environment would suit them down to the ground (or water!).  This collection is very stylish and sophisticated - but ultimately you would buy this work because you just plain love it......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Timeless Compositions

* Home *
150x100cms acrylic on stretch canvas

* Incoming Tide *
90x120cms arylic on stretch canvas

* The Big Wet *
90x90cms acrylic on stretch canvas

* S u m m e r *
100x150cms acrylic

Four new paintings by Robin Hines - all on stretch canvas.   All ranging in texture, colour and form - this is a wonderful new collection.  The paintings are large and command space, however, one special piece is all you need to bring a room together and with this array of artwork to choose from any area would look amazing with a lovely large painting taking centre stage.  Even if you have  a small space, it is "all the go" in the USA at the moment - to hang oversized paintings on the walls - better to have a large painting in a small space than a small painting in large space!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Embroided Cards

Sancta Maria - Holy Mary

Red High Heel Shoe

Japanese Googly

Ballet Tutu

Elizabethan Bodice

Reindeer Red

I have actually posted about these gorgeous cards before - however, I just thought how divine they looked all in a row at the gallery.  Many people buy them for keepsakes as you are able to have them framed.  The thread is European, however, the cards are made in Australia by Sandy Fullerton and she has designed embroidery textiles for the last 35 years.  We sell these gorgeous cards for $12 so if you are looking for something special - these would be perfect.  There are over 75 different designs available and new ones always being released from time to time

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretty in Pink

* Pretty in Pink *
47x52cms watercolour

* The Rialto Markets - Venice *
44x50cms watercolour

I just adore Susan French's watercolours - they are delicate and light with such a loose style of painting.  Susan's work seems to shimmer and I guess that is because she can give her colours space, letting it breathe and reverberate - its almost like the shimmering of a mirage - I think she captures the light so beautifully and in a very delicate sort of way.  Watercolours are such a wonderful medium, and are extrememly popular in our gallery.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Painted Boxes

A couple of little boxes by Karen Atkins (always a favourite) featuring horses and cats.  These particular boxes are gleaned from the local markets and if they have a flat lid - then they can be painted!  its amazing how some of my other artists actually love these boxes and they have been known to come into the gallery and admire Karen's work and walk out with one of them under their arm - a box for their paint brushes perhaps?  They are just great for storing all your little treasures (or those dreaded remote controls)....and you have your own little unique painting.  We can take orders or requests for anything special (eg weddings, christenings, birthdays etc)