Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bruce Buchanan - Boats and Baskets - SOLD

At the Jetty 66x65cm

Dinghies, Huon River 55x74cm (Now Sold)

Six Baskets 59x72cm (Now Sold)

Three new paintings from Bruce Buchanan just arrived at the gallery. Framed in a lovely natural timber and ready to hang.

Bruce Buchanan’s compelling watercolours introduce us to a new appreciation of our natural and urban landscapes.

His paintings have been described by various gallery curators as “engaging, translucent, meticulously executed and poignant”.

Although rarely of known landmarks, his work evokes the response that we have been there at some time or another – a fleeting moment, a passing shadow, a rain squall.

Bruce believes that the potential for subtle abstraction even in a realist landscape, can invite the viewer into a deeper appreciation of its mood and atmosphere - into another dimension or narrative. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christine Reilly - Paris & The Races

'Luxembourg Gardens' 49x59cm 

'Paris Style' 59x43cm 

'The Metro' 43x38cm

'Ladies Day, Races' 43x38cm

From the famed Luxembourg Gardens in Paris to the elegance of the races, Chris Reilly's new French inspired collection of oils & acrylic on canvas are as chic and refined as ever. Black, white & red is always stylish in the home and these are all framed and ready to hang. Take them home today.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Caroline Penny - Landscapes Near & Far

'Wynnum Jetty' 45x36cm Oil Framed
The Wading Pool, Wynnum 45x36cm Oil Framed
Waiting to Dock, Brisbane River 62x91cm Oil on Canvas
View beyond the honey locust trees, Brisbane River 62x91cm Oil on Canvas
High Croft, Cropton, North Yorkshire Moors, 62x55cm Oil on Canvas

Originally from the UK, Caroline Penny now calls Brisbane home.  Caroline has exhibited widely with her stunning oils featured in many collections both in Australia and abroad. Caroline is the artist of the month for  November 2012 with 17 local & overseas paintings featuring in the gallery. She has certainly mastered the Australian light & landscape. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Robin Hines - Creeks & Coast

'Cooper Creek' 120x120cm Oil on Canvas

'Crab Creek' 101x76cm Watercolour on Canvas

'Beach Stroll' 75x85cm Framed Watercolour

3 lovely paintings from Robin Hines new in this week. The luminosity in 'Cooper Creek' SA is stunning, this one has be viewed in person to be truly appreciated. This painting would look amazing on a large wall with plenty of space around it. 'Beach Stroll' is a restful scene we can all relate to -framed and ready to hang. 'Crab Creek' just gives a hint of the subject matter & leaves the rest for the viewer to imagine. 3 very different but equally stunning pieces from Robin.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Margaret Rangeley - Birds, Birds, Birds

Hanging out with Friends, 92x46cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Relaxing in the Trees 50x60cm Acrylic on Canvas

Two lovely new paintings from Margaret Rangeley - you can just hear the Rainbow Lorikeets & Parrots twittering away & feeding on the seeds. Birds are always a popular subject matter & Margaret captures them in their natural surrounds beautifully.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bronwyn Searle - A Perfect Pair

"Dessert for 3" 60x90cm Oil on Linen

"Pears in a Bowl" 60x76cm Oil on Canvas

Love the new forks & spoons from Bronwyn & who doesn't love dessert! The cutlery really pops & the linen gives a lovely textural quality to the painting.  The 2 paintings are hanging together in the gallery and look great as a pair.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Karen Atkins - Feeling Fabulous!

'Feeling Fabulous IV' 90x60cm Acrylic on Canvas

A quirky & fun painting from Karen. The 2 best friends look like they're having a marvelous time indeed. The gorgeous vase of flowers offers a stunning contrast to the purple wall & I'm not sure if that's a window behind the BFF's or a Karen Atkins painting.

Debra Hood - Cityscapes - New to the gallery

'Hawthorne Avenues'

'Pink Connections'

'Queensland Bounty'

'Romancing the Mango'

'Summer Confetti'

Brisbane artist Debra Hood states 'the beauty of inner city Brisbane lends itself to a collection of intricate works that capture the colours and unique character of QLD architecture'. Debra's rich & vibrant prints are available at the gallery in a range of sizes. Commission's are welcome & we will have Debra's original paintings when she completes the current backlog of paintings.

Rob Clarke - Relax & Unwind

'Shadowz' 65x120cm Acrylic on Canvas

'Ol' Skool Kombi' 50x100cm Acrylic on Canvas

'Tweed River Sunset' 90x129cm Acrylic on Canvas

Relax & unwind with these very restful new acrylic paintings from Redlands artist Rob Clarke. Who wouldn't want to be relaxing on the beach or fishing on the Tweed on a beautiful day like today.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jan Jorgensen - Changing Places, Brisbane

Absolutely delighted to have Brisbane artist Jan Jorgensen's new edition of 'Changing Places, Brisbane' for sale now at the gallery. Following on from the sell-out 2002 edition, the new book is illustrated with 54 new images of original paintings by Jan & is accompanied by poems also written by her. The book provides a very interesting 'ramble through some of Brisbane's most historic streets & backyards & records changes taking place in the city as picturesque old domestic architecture gives way to new developments'. The book makes a lovely gift or memento of your time spent in Brisbane. Get your copy now at the gallery - $50 including GST.

Lorraine Rogers - Local Watercolour Paintings

'Manly's Magic' 30x35cm Framed

'Boat Harbour' Manly 30x35cm Framed

'Forgotten Dreams - Lota' 30x35cm Framed

'Sea Air & Sunshine' 30x35cm Framed

A lovely selection of small framed watercolours by Lorraine Rogers, featuring our very own backyard - Manly & Lota.  These very detailed little works are framed and ready to hang. Perfect for a gift as one customer recently thought, purchasing one for a 50th wedding anniversary which was celebrated at the yacht club.

De Gillett - Colour & Motion

'Aves Asunder' 120x90cm

'Soliloquoy' 90x60cm

Two fabulous new paintings by De Gillett, both of which are gaining lost of interest.  Beautiful use of colour & texture to create movement & interest. Loving your new work De, can't wait to see what's next!.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Beach Stories - Adam Bogusz

Vibrant, fresh & crisp new paintings from Adam Bogusz.  Each scene tells its' own Qld summer story.  Convivial subject matter with a semi-abstract treatment & beautiful painterly brush strokes. Just lovely on a big white wall. All 60x55cm Acrylic on Board.

Away from it all

Summer Breeze

Summer Escape

Under Paradise

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Richard Bogusz - New Spring Works

Three new acrylics from Richard Bogusz just hung.  The detail is exquisite & you just want to dig deeper into the narrative depicted by Richard.  Gorgeous spring colours ready to hang in your home or office.

'Spring Fever' 60x60cm

'Mother Echidna' 60x60cm

'Netball' 60x60cm 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kendall Perkins - Spring Flowers

A lovely new selection from Kendall Perkins just in time for spring.  Fabulous flowers, boats and the odd vino. Just the thing to brighten that drab wall - funky & fun as always.

Little Sweetie I
Little Sweetie II
Saturday Sail

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joanne Harvey - Perfect Pastels

A trio of delicate pastels just in from local artist Joanne Harvey. Pastels are a tricky medium and it's difficult to capture the delicacy of a perfectly formed bloom, however Joanne has managed to do just that.  Beautiful use of light & shade to form the fragile & dainty petals.  Joanne has just returned from a trip away and is keen to get back into the studio.  Can't wait to see what she creates next.

Lotus Blossom

Perfect in Pink

Frilly Lady

I'm often asked what 'pastel' is so here is a quick definition:

"The word “PASTEL” comes from the word paste - made of pure, powdered color pigment, bound together with a minimum of resin or gum, and molded into stick form.  If this same powdered color pigment were bound with an oil medium, it would be oil paint.  Because pastel sticks are formed with a minimum of resin or binder, usually just enough to hold the stick together, it is generally the most pure form of pigment that can be applied to a painting surface (generally paper) giving pastel paintings a vivid, luminous appearance". 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dinkum Birds

As promised, we have our first order of Dinkum Birds which are now made by Wildwood Fine Art in the gallery.  Each handpainted bird is made of plantation hoop pine & is presented in an attractive calico bag.  Perfect for a gift or as a decorator piece for your home.  More birds are on order.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

Crimson Rosellas

King Parrot

Willy Wagtails