Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joanne Harvey - Perfect Pastels

A trio of delicate pastels just in from local artist Joanne Harvey. Pastels are a tricky medium and it's difficult to capture the delicacy of a perfectly formed bloom, however Joanne has managed to do just that.  Beautiful use of light & shade to form the fragile & dainty petals.  Joanne has just returned from a trip away and is keen to get back into the studio.  Can't wait to see what she creates next.

Lotus Blossom

Perfect in Pink

Frilly Lady

I'm often asked what 'pastel' is so here is a quick definition:

"The word “PASTEL” comes from the word paste - made of pure, powdered color pigment, bound together with a minimum of resin or gum, and molded into stick form.  If this same powdered color pigment were bound with an oil medium, it would be oil paint.  Because pastel sticks are formed with a minimum of resin or binder, usually just enough to hold the stick together, it is generally the most pure form of pigment that can be applied to a painting surface (generally paper) giving pastel paintings a vivid, luminous appearance". 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dinkum Birds

As promised, we have our first order of Dinkum Birds which are now made by Wildwood Fine Art in the gallery.  Each handpainted bird is made of plantation hoop pine & is presented in an attractive calico bag.  Perfect for a gift or as a decorator piece for your home.  More birds are on order.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

Crimson Rosellas

King Parrot

Willy Wagtails

Christine Atkins wins Still Life section at the Brisbane Exhibition 2012

'Still Life with Grevillea'

'Peach Blossoms'

'High and Dry - Karragarra Island' (Moreton Bay)

'Kids at Coolum Beach'

Christine's representational work is currently featured at the gallery to celebrate her win at the show.  Fabulous still life's and landscapes.  My favourite is 'High & Dry' featuring Karragarra Island which is located in Moreton Bay nestled between Russell & Macleay Islands.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pam Walpole - Contemporary Landscapes

'White Sands' 100x150cm Mixed Media on Canvas

'After the Wet' 100x145cm Mixed Media on Canvas

'Outcrop Reflections' 59x59cm Mixed Media on Canvas

'El Questro Reflections' 59x59cm Mixed Media on Canvas

4 fabulous new works from Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2012 finalist Pam Walpole.  From Pam - “I paint with a bold often vigorous contemporary style – at times quite minimal. Often I just want to capture the reflections or pattern of a section of the landscape ... the larger picture becoming secondary.”