Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bruce Buchanan - Boats and Baskets - SOLD

At the Jetty 66x65cm

Dinghies, Huon River 55x74cm (Now Sold)

Six Baskets 59x72cm (Now Sold)

Three new paintings from Bruce Buchanan just arrived at the gallery. Framed in a lovely natural timber and ready to hang.

Bruce Buchanan’s compelling watercolours introduce us to a new appreciation of our natural and urban landscapes.

His paintings have been described by various gallery curators as “engaging, translucent, meticulously executed and poignant”.

Although rarely of known landmarks, his work evokes the response that we have been there at some time or another – a fleeting moment, a passing shadow, a rain squall.

Bruce believes that the potential for subtle abstraction even in a realist landscape, can invite the viewer into a deeper appreciation of its mood and atmosphere - into another dimension or narrative. 

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