Thursday, March 6, 2014

Donna Sharam - Bright and Colourful!

Mosaic Zarafa 60x60cm Acrylic on Canvas $890

Zebra Crossing 60x60cm Acrylic on Canvas $890

Desert Warriors 90x60cm Acrylic on Board

Paradise Found 90x60cm Acrylic on Board

Painting is my passion. Passion (pash-unh /n.) is an emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for something.
Colour is my Vision. Colour (Kul-uh /n.) is a sensation produced on the eye by rays of light.
I have always loved colour. From an early age I dressed up in the most colourful outfits, dyed my hair purple and wore different colour shoes. My infatuation with colour flowed into a career as a fashion designer and now manifests itself in my art.
I live in a most beautiful part of the world - the rolling hills and rainforests of the Byron Bay hinterland is my home. My wonderful family, the quirky villages, amazing landscapes and eclectic mix of people ignite my passion to paint.
The overwhelming sentiment of my art is my ‘love of life’.
My art practice is influenced by many great artists, including Whiteley, Done, Miro, Picasso, Hundertwasser and Australian Indigenous Art. Distorted geometric shapes and bold textures speak of my background in textiles. Vibrant colour is my palette.
My work is full of optimism and positive energy and my hope is that when buying my work, that this energy is transferred to your life and environment.

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