Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heidi Savage - Enlightened

Awakening II 94x95cm Oil & Shellac on Canvas $1750

The Lotus Flower opens us to beauty, light and life. Rising from the murky darkness of the pond, symbolizing achievement of enlightenment, sending light into our souls. Its symbolism parallels a passage of my life. In Eastern philosophy the Lotus represents amongst many things, the progress from the lowest to the highest state of consciousness. There are some similarities with the birth of the lotus and the birth of a painting. The Lotus is such a beautiful flower, by painting this series I hope to create a sense of harmony and balance for the viewer.

Summer Poppies 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

Summer Poppies II 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

Summer Poppies III 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

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