Thursday, June 5, 2014

De Gillett - Artist of the Month June 2014

Splashdown 61x122cm $1500

Avian Duet 122x61cm $1500

Preening 71x36cm $495

Flurry 60x51cm $450

Macaw Embroidery 31x41cm $195

Local Wynnum artist De Gillett proves once again she is the queen of colour & movement.  Tropical, vibrant & full of texture, her new collection will delight the senses.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pam Walpole - Harbour Reflections

Harbour Reflections I 80x125cm $2500

Harbour Reflections II 80x125cm $2500

Stunning new work by Pam Walpole. These pieces take us to calming times spent by the water and invite us to look closer.  Both mixed media on canvas in a black box frame with a subtle silver edge.  Just stunning in a waterside home.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Loraine Rogers - Boat Paintings

Awaiting Adventures 45x54cm Watercolour $550

Destiny and Dreams 54x45cm Watercolour $550

Sunset Moorings 45x54cm Watercolour $550

Lorraine Rogers was born in Melbourne in 1953. As a young child she was always up to mischief with her twin brother and sisters. In her teens she was quite an athlete with achievements in sprinting and high jump and in later years netball. She was a trained nurse and midwife for fourteen years in Melbourne before moving to Queensland in 1983 with husband and two young sons. In order to stay at home with her boys Lorraine started a home based business, supplying hand painted clothing to boutiques all over Australia. 

Her career in painting had begun since 1974. She is largely self-taught and has developed a unique and recognisable style. She had already dabbled in oils, with Sherbrooke Art Society in Victoria and studied drawing and painting under Robert Hammond who helped her to explore her creativity. John Lovett taught her to explore the potential in watercolour and mixed media with whom she spent many years developing her design, colour and compositional skills. In 1998 at last the time was right to live her dream and paint full time. With lots of encouragement from her husband she has gone from strength to strength and now has paintings hanging in homes all over the world. She has won many prizes, including two firsts in her very first Art Show in 1990. Her art continues to evolve with detail, colour and diversity. In the new millennium, the art world is much less concerned about the purity of the medium. What counts is results, feel free to combine a little pastel with watercolour or whatever it takes to convey the mood or to capture the moment.

Heidi Savage - Enlightened

Awakening II 94x95cm Oil & Shellac on Canvas $1750

The Lotus Flower opens us to beauty, light and life. Rising from the murky darkness of the pond, symbolizing achievement of enlightenment, sending light into our souls. Its symbolism parallels a passage of my life. In Eastern philosophy the Lotus represents amongst many things, the progress from the lowest to the highest state of consciousness. There are some similarities with the birth of the lotus and the birth of a painting. The Lotus is such a beautiful flower, by painting this series I hope to create a sense of harmony and balance for the viewer.

Summer Poppies 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

Summer Poppies II 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

Summer Poppies III 30x30cm Oil on Canvas $300

Donna Sharam - Bright and Colourful!

Mosaic Zarafa 60x60cm Acrylic on Canvas $890

Zebra Crossing 60x60cm Acrylic on Canvas $890

Desert Warriors 90x60cm Acrylic on Board

Paradise Found 90x60cm Acrylic on Board

Painting is my passion. Passion (pash-unh /n.) is an emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for something.
Colour is my Vision. Colour (Kul-uh /n.) is a sensation produced on the eye by rays of light.
I have always loved colour. From an early age I dressed up in the most colourful outfits, dyed my hair purple and wore different colour shoes. My infatuation with colour flowed into a career as a fashion designer and now manifests itself in my art.
I live in a most beautiful part of the world - the rolling hills and rainforests of the Byron Bay hinterland is my home. My wonderful family, the quirky villages, amazing landscapes and eclectic mix of people ignite my passion to paint.
The overwhelming sentiment of my art is my ‘love of life’.
My art practice is influenced by many great artists, including Whiteley, Done, Miro, Picasso, Hundertwasser and Australian Indigenous Art. Distorted geometric shapes and bold textures speak of my background in textiles. Vibrant colour is my palette.
My work is full of optimism and positive energy and my hope is that when buying my work, that this energy is transferred to your life and environment.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pam Walpole - 2014

Beautiful new bold contemporary landscape paintings by Pam Walpole in the gallery now.

Salt Pan I 60x120cm Mixed Media on Canvas $1750

Tidal Pools 30x100cm Mixed Media on Canvas $890

Lakes Edge 39x90cm Mixed Media Framed $990

Low Tide Mixed 35x51cm Mixed Media Framed $450

Coongie Lake Lignum 43x43cm Mixed Media Framed $695

Grasses & Fencing 100x150cm Wire Mixed Media on Canvas $3500 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fabulous birds by De Gillett

'Wings over the Bay' 20x60cm $295

"Pelican Formation' 20x60cm $295

'Turbulence' 50x77cm $550

New ink & acrylics by local Wynnum artist De Gillett. Beautiful use of colour & movement.

Wynnum Manly by Bruce Buchanan

'High Water Wynnum Manly' 80x71cm
Watercolour $1800

A beautiful diptych featuring Green Island, Moreton Bay in the background.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art for Father's Day

Rob Clarke 'Dreamtime Kombies' 60x90cm $1100

Lorraine Rogers 'Fishing Shacks on the Maroochy River' 45x74cm $750

John Pearson 'All Together' 40x50cm Oil $480

Pene Edwards 'Manly Weekend' 90x120cm Oil $3000

Bruce Buchanan 'On the Jetty' 83x96cm Watercolour $1800

Lots of great gift ideas for men this Father's Day. What man doesn't love fishing, the beach & boats?.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bruce Buchanan - On the Jetty

On the Jetty 83x96cm Watercolour

This lovely old jetty is in the picturesque town of Streaky Bay in South Australia. A beautiful restful watercolour by Bruce Buchanan.